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Most people will tell you that the BCS is unfair.  And at times, they are right.  But more often than not, the BCS has proved effective.  Some people will say that a rematch is unfair.  They are wrong.  The BCS has had its problems, but it’s the best system for college football.
Let’s start with the “unfair” argument.  I would be incredibly wrong to say that the BCS has always been fair.  But it has always produced a champion that is the best team in the nation.  Let’s take the 2006-2007 season for example.  In that season, there were two BCS controversies.  The first was that Michigan deserved a rematch against Ohio State in the National Championship.  Instead, Florida got the spot and ended up putting a beating on the Buckeyes.  Michigan lost by double digits to USC in the Rose Bowl.  In this situation, a rematch was obviously not the right choice.  Then there was Boise State.  The Broncos ran the table in the regular season then went on to beat the Oklahoma Sooners in epic fashion in the Fiesta Bowl.  As the only undefeated team in the country, many Bronco fans made the argument that they should have a share of the National Championship.  But Boise didn’t beat anybody of any significant caliber that season.  Even Oklahoma was overrated.  The Sooners did not blow anybody away (with the exception of Middle Tennessee State) and didn’t beat anyone ranked higher than 18th that entire season.  Clearly, Florida was the best team in the country.  The BCS got it right in one of the craziest years in the history of college football.

Fast forward to 2011.  LSU is clearly the best team in the country.  They’ve beaten three top ten teams and play fantastic football in all aspects of the game.  But the big question is: who should they play on January 9th in New Orleans?  The consensus feeling around the nation is that Alabama is the second best team in the country (or the best if you ask Lou Holtz).  They are ranked first in EVERY major defensive category (Total, PPG, Passing, Rushing).  They have the Heisman frontrunner in Trent Richardson at tail back.  All signs would point to them going to New Orleans.  But some people aren’t fond of this idea.  Alabama lost 9-6 in OT against LSU in early November.  Some people think that the Tide shouldn’t get another opportunity at the Tigers.  But why?  In any other sport, we’re fine with a rematch.  Lets take Super Bowl XLII for example.  That was the year the Patriots went undefeated… until February when they lost to the New York Giants in one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time.  However, just over a month before that, the Patriots beat the Giants by three (see the similarity?).  Should Roger Goodell have just said, “The Patriots have already beaten the Giants this season, so the NFC will be represented by Green Bay instead of the Giants”?  Of course not.  There also is no real alternative to go to the Championship this year.  LSU would be a 14-point favorite versus any other team.  Even Oklahoma State.  And the Cowboys still have to beat Oklahoma.

Trent Richardson

2011 Heisman hopeful Trent Richardson

I’m not saying the BCS is a perfect system.  But it is right more often than not.  It will also make more money than a playoff.  There’s a reason that college football is more profitable than college basketball.  At the end of the day, college football is much better with the BCS than without it.