Brett Favre: Round 4

Posted: July 25, 2011 in NFL
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Now that the NFL lockout is over, we can focus on what really matters: Brett Favre speculation.  First, he landed in New York as a Jet.  Then, he sailed off to Minnesota to become a Viking (twice).  Now, it seems the rumor mill has him flying into Philadelphia as an Eagle.  Bad puns aside, it looks like the Favre train will keep going throughout training camp and even into the regular season.

Brett Favre

Favre training in Mississippi

Vick has already said that he would love to have Favre as his back-up.  And who wouldn’t?  He’s got more passing yards and touchdowns than anyone else.  And most importantly, he has a ring.  But I highly doubt Favre will want to play second fiddle to anybody, let alone a proven player like Vick.  For one, there is no chance that Andy Reid would start Favre in front of Vick.  Favre is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history and he won’t want to ride the pine in Philly, even if it means getting a second ring that way.  Not to mention the fact that Reid is on the hot seat as the Philly head coach.  If he decides to start Favre instead of Vick and it backfires, he could be fired before the season is over.

Also, the Eagles shouldn’t even want Favre as their back-up.  His main job would be to coach and mentor Vick.  First off, Vick’s style of play is far different from Favre’s.  In years that he has started over half of his team’s games, Vick is averaging 5.6 rushing touchdowns per year.  Favre averages just over 0.7.  Favre will be of no use as a coach to a player like that no matter how great Favre may be.  But beyond being a coach, Favre would be a poor mentor to Vick.  Vick is trying to get on the right path in life.  And since his prison release, he’s done a pretty good job.  Favre could be a huge detriment to Vick’s progress.  Let’s not forget that just last year Favre was fined $50,000 for not cooperating in the NFL’s investigation into his alleged sexting of a female employee of the New York Jets.  If this was the only incident in his career, it might be fine.  But before the 1996 season he also ran

Michael Vick
Michael Vick is only 31 years old

into some trouble.  Favre was banned from drinking alcohol by the NFL after he admitted to being addicted to Vicodin.  He also spent 46 days in a drug rehab clinic for said addiction.  Don’t forget the Vick has gotten in trouble for drug use, specifically marijuana.

One final reason the Eagles shouldn’t want Favre is the new salary cap.  The cap has been set at $120 million, $4 million lower than the 2009 cap.  The Eagles need to know that their money is better spent getting weapons for Vick than getting him a back-up.  My suggestion: Plaxico Burress.  Sure he’s a risk.  But remember the last guy who came out of prison to play for the Eagles.  And Burress carries much less controversy than Vick did.  He also brings as much publicity to the team as Favre would.  At the end of the day, it’s best for everyone if Favre just stays home in Mississippi and does his job as a grandpa.


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